What Is R2 Cleaner?

What are cleaning chemicals used in hotel housekeeping?

TASKI / Diversey R3: Glass cleaner.TASKI / Diversey R4: Furniture polish.TASKI / Diversey R5: Air Freshener / Room Freshener.TASKI / Diversey R6: Toilet bowl cleaner.TASKI / Diversey R7: For removal of oil and grease..

How do I use taski TR 103?

Spot or stain removal from the special Taski application bottle squirt undiluted Taski TR 103 to treat stubborn spots or stains, allow to act briefly, rinse with lukewarm water and immediately wet vacuum. Repeat as required. If solvent soluble spots or stains (asphalt, grease, oil, etc.)

What is taski R4?

Taski R4 is a product formulated for the maintenance of wooden furniture. It is easy to apply and ideal for day-to-day use. When used daily, it cleans and leaves a profound, lustrous sheen on the wooden furniture.

What is taski R9?

Taski R9 is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom viz. Sink, tub, tiles and fittings. It is specifically formulated for hard water conditions. Regular usage of Taski R9 prevents scale deposition on walls and fittings.

What are R1 R2 R3 R4 R6 chemicals used for cleaning?

TASKI CLEANING AGENTS LIST – R1 to R9TASKI R1 / Diversey R1Cleaning and Sanitising of Bathroom / Toilet surfacesTASKI R2 / Diversey R2All-purpose cleaning agent / Hygienic Hard Surface CleanerTASKI R3 / Diversey R3For Cleaning Glass and Mirror Cleaner6 more rows

What is R5 chemical?

Taski R5 is a cost-effective, water-based air freshener that makes your house and office aromatic after the use. It features a delightful floral perfume which rids off bad odor and refreshes the place with sweet-smelling air.

Which chemicals are used in housekeeping?

The four types of cleaning agents used in housekeeping are:Detergents.Degreasers.Abrasives.Acids.

What is the use of R1 in housekeeping?

Taski R1 is a formulated cleaner-cum-sanitizer that can be used to ward off stains and sanitize exteriors and interiors of your bathroom such as sink floors tiles etc.

What is housekeeping in hotel?

Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public area, back area and surroundings. A hotel survives on the sale of room, food, beverages and other minor services such as the laundry, health club spa and so on.

What is taski R7?

Product description Taski R7 is an effective floor cleaner. It can be used for both wet mopping as well as scrubbing with a machine.

Is taski R2 a disinfectant?

TASKI R2 is a concentrated general purpose cleaner-cum-sanitiser. This pleasantly scented product which does not contain any abrasives or bleaches, is ideal for the quick and gentle cleaning of all hard surfaces (e.g. TV cabinets, photo frames, telephones) Including glass and mirrors.

What is R1 cleaner?

Taski R1 super is a fully formulated cleaner-cum-sanitiser for cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in the bathroom, viz, sink, tub, tiles, floor and fittings. This pleasantly scented product does not contain any abrasives or bleach. Taski R1 super is safe for use on bathroom fittings, marble and granite.

How do you use R4 chemicals?

Spray a little TASKI R4 Shine-Up onto clean cloth. Wipe all wooden surfaces such as tables, bedside tables and chairs. Polish the surfaces to a fine sheen, working TASKI R4 Shine-Up into the grain of the wood. TASKI R4 Shine-Up is a product formulated for wooden furniture maintenance.

How do I use Suma Multi?

Dishwashing, floor cleaning, hard surface cleaning, glass cleaning, vehicle cleaning, windshield cleaning: Use at a concentration of 2 percent to 5percent. Add 20 ml of Suma multi D2. 3L to 1 litre of hand-hot water. Soak utensils in tank filled with warm Suma multi D2.

What are the cleaning methods in housekeeping?

Cleaning is the most important and primary aspect of housekeeping. It is a process of removing dirt, dust and grime by using methods such as dusting, shaking, sweeping, mopping, washing or pol- ishing. There are certain areas you may clean daily, whereas you may clean other areas occasionally or once /twice in a year.

Why cleaning agents are used?

Purposes of cleaning agents include health, beauty, removing offensive odor, and avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants to oneself and others. Some cleaning agents can kill bacteria (e.g. door handle bacteria, as well as bacteria on worktops and other metallic surfaces) and clean at the same time.

What is R2 in housekeeping?

Generally used cleaning agents are: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and R9. R1 is a bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer. R2 is a general-purpose cleaner cum sanitizer.

What are the 4 categories of sanitizing?

The major types of sanitizers are heat, radiation, and chemicals. Chemicals are more practical than heat and radiation for food production facilities.