Quick Answer: Can I Travel To UAE Without ICA Approval?

How long does Gdrfa approval take?

This number is on your visa under File.

Check the GDRFA website to see the status of your application.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email with a GDRFA reference number.

If the application can’t be processed at the time of the request, you can try again after four days..

What is ICA approval full form?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) earlier required UAE residents looking to enter the Emirates to obtain prior approval. ICA’s approval was necessary for all residents who had acquired their visas in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.

How do I check my ICA approval status?

On the website, https://uaeentry.ica.gov.ae, all you need to do is enter your passport number, Emirates ID number, nationality and passport type to get the instant verification.

Is Gdrfa approval required for UAE?

If you are a Dubai residence visa holder returning to Dubai, you will still need approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). All other UAE residence visa holders do not have to apply.

How can I check my UAE visa status by passport number?

To check your visa status, here’s what you need to do:Visit the portal: https://smartservices.ica.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/default.html#/fileValidity.Click on the “Passport Information” tab.Select “Visa”Enter your Passport number and Passport expiry date.Select your nationality.More items…

Can I travel without Gdrfa approval?

All UAE Residents Visa Holders Including Dubai Residency Visa Holders Now Can Travel Without ICA/GDRFA Approval Permit…. If You Don’t Have ICA/GDRFA Approval Permit. Don’t worry, Book Air Arabia Airlines Flights Ticket And Take Your PCR Test report negative, And Fly To Sharjah International Airport Hassle Free……

Why is Gdrfa approval rejected?

In-case your application is getting rejected by authorities, it means you have stayed for more than 6 months outside UAE, or your visa category is 3 or 4, this the main reason of rejection. But don’t worry, you still have opportunity to get GDRFA approval, and it can be through your sponsor (company).

Is UAE issuing visitor visa now?

Dubai has started issuing tourist visas to inbound passengers from more countries from Wednesday onwards, Khaleej Times has learnt. Dubai, a global tourism hub, suspended issuing visit visas in March as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of coronavirus.

How can I get ICA approval to enter UAE?

CoronaVirus COVID19 Travel procedures – How to get ICA approval from UAE? They need to submit passport number and Emirates ID number in uaeentry.ica.gov.ae. You will receive a red signal if your process is not approved. You need to re-apply.

How can I get Gdrfa approval for UAE residents?

You can apply for the GDRFA approval on the GDRFA’s online portal. During the application process, you will be asked to enter your Resident File Number. This number is on your visa under File. After completing the online application, check the status of your application from time to time on the GDRFA website.

Can I go to Dubai with Abu Dhabi visa?

You will only be permitted to enter the UAE via Abu Dhabi if you are a UAE national or resident with a valid visa. All other visa types, including tourist visas, are unable to enter via Abu Dhabi. … You can use Abu Dhabi airport even if you are from another emirate such as Dubai or Sharjah.

Can I apply for Gdrfa approval before leaving Dubai?

Dubai: Dubai residents can apply for entry approval before their departure as the permit validity lasts for 30 days, an official at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, told Gulf News.

Where can I register my return in UAE?

Dubai: Authorities have confirmed that for residents to return to UAE, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) registration is mandatory. While applying through the website https://uaeentry.ica.gov.ae, the person should provide Emirates ID card number, country and passport type and number.

Can UAE residents travel?

UAE residents travelling abroad from Dubai are permitted to do so freely, and are required to get a Covid-19 PCR test only if their final destination requires it. To return, Dubai residency visa holders must have return approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Can we travel to UAE without ICA approval?

ICA approval no longer required for travel to Abu Dhabi UAE residents no longer require ICA approval to return to Abu Dhabi. Before booking their flight, residents are encouraged to visit uaeentry.ica.gov.ae.

Is ICA approval required for visit visa?

Tourists who have valid visas for the UAE do not require any approvals from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Indian airline Air India Express has reconfirmed. … Attention Dubai-bound passengers!