Question: What Is The Meaning Of Unfavourable Condition?

What is the meaning of unsatisfied?

If you are unsatisfied with something, you are disappointed because you have not got what you hoped to get..

What is the meaning of Unfortunate?

1a : not favored by fortune : unsuccessful, unlucky an unfortunate young man. b : marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune an unfortunate decision. 2a : infelicitous, unsuitable an unfortunate choice of words. b : deplorable, regrettable an unfortunate lack of taste. unfortunate.

What is the meaning of antipathetic?

1 : having a natural aversion also : not sympathetic : hostile a government antipathetic to democracy. 2 : arousing antipathy.

What is the opposite of satisfied?

Opposite of experiencing or feeling delight, satisfaction, or pleasure. dissatisfied. disappointed. discontented. unhappy.

What is the meaning of unfortunate events?

1 causing or attended by misfortune. 2 unlucky, unsuccessful, or unhappy.

What’s a word for bad weather?

What is another word for bad weather?extreme weatherhazardous weatherinclement weatherpoor weathersevere weatherstormy weatherblizzardcyclonegalehurricane1 more row

Is unsatisfied a word?

Unsatisfied (Not Yet Fulfilled) “Unsatisfied” is an adjective that specifically refers to feeling unfulfilled. This is not quite the same as being displeased.

What is the meaning of Unfavourable?

1. unfavourable – not encouraging or approving or pleasing; “unfavorable conditions”; “an unfavorable comparison”; “unfavorable comments”, “unfavorable impression” unfavorable. negative – expressing or consisting of a negation or refusal or denial.

What are the Unfavourable weather conditions?

High winds, hail, excessive precipitation, and wildfires are forms and effects of severe weather, as are thunderstorms, downbursts, tornadoes, waterspouts, tropical cyclones, and extratropical cyclones. Regional and seasonal severe weather phenomena include blizzards (snowstorms), ice storms, and duststorms.

What is the similar meaning of Unfortunate?

adjective. 1’today, many unfortunate people have too much enforced leisure’ SYNONYMS. unlucky, hapless, out of luck, down on one’s luck, luckless, wretched, miserable, forlorn, unhappy, poor, pitiful. ill-starred, ill-fated, ill-omened, star-crossed, jinxed, cursed, doomed.

What is the root word of Unfortunate?

unfortunate (adj.) mid-15c., “unlucky,” from un- (1) “not” + fortunate (adj.). Infortunate in same sense is older. In late 18c.-early 19c., unfortunate woman was a polite way to say “prostitute.” The noun meaning “one who is not fortunate” is recorded from 1630s.