Question: What Is Above And Below The Line?

Is sponsorship above the line?

Below the line promotion This concerns promotional activities where the business has direct control over the target or intended audience.

There are many methods of below-the-line, including sales promotions, direct marketing, personal selling and sponsorship..

What is ATL and BTL marketing?

Above the Line, or ATL Marketing, refers to generally untargeted, massive campaigns to raise brand awareness and reach more people; below the Line, or BTL Marketing, refers to the much smaller and highly targeted world of ads, aimed at individuals and with easy to track returns on investment and a definitive audience; …

Is Social Media ATL or BTL?

Below The Line (BTL) marketing campaigns and promotions involve direct, targeted campaigns to specific prospects. This includes PR campaigns, social media marketing, telemarketing, content, events, social media marketing, paid search and search engine.

What is above the line thinking?

Above the line thinking is about being open and curious. It’s being able to respond effectively and usefully in any given situation. It’s about starting with an intention and then working out how you can actually bring it into play, e.g.

What is above the line activity?

What are ATL and BTL activities? They seem simple enough. Above The Line (ATL) advertising is where mass media is used to promote brands and reach out to the target consumers. These include conventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as internet.

Is Atlanta an PR?

than Above the line (ATL) strategies. These may include activities such as direct mail, public relations and sales promotions for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front. Above the line is a type of advertising through media such as TV, cinema, radio, print, banners and search engines.

What are the three aims of advertising?

Advertising has three primary objectives: to inform, to persuade, and to remind.

What is above the line and below the line?

“ATL” stands for “Above The Line”, meaning that the advertising is going to be deployed around a wider target audience, e.g. television (TVC), radio, or billboards. … “BTL”, or “Below The Line”, suggests that the advertising is going to target a specific group of potential consumers.

What does TTL mean in marketing?

Through The LineThese days, companies use an integrated approach involving both ATL and BTL and it is called Through The Line (TTL) approach. This approach allows brands to engage with their customers at multiple points and thus generate a solid perception regarding the company and the product, the main aim of Marketing!

What is the meaning of direct marketing?

Direct marketing consists of any marketing that relies on direct communication or distribution to individual consumers, rather than through a third party such as mass media. Mail, email, social media, and texting campaigns are among the delivery systems used.

What is the difference between ATL BTL and TTL?

‘ATL Marketing’ stands for ‘Above the Line Marketing’. … ‘TTL Marketing’ stands for ‘Through the Line Marketing’. This kind of marketing is really an integrated approach, where a company would use both BTL and ATL marketing methods to reach their customer base and generate conversions.

Is PR above or below the line?

Below the line (BTL) These include communications such as direct mail, sponsorship, brochures, PR, and email marketing etc.